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The above map covers the four western Canadian provinces - Manitoba through British Columbia as well as the western part of Ontario. As with all gardening zone maps it should only be used as a rough guide for plant hardiness. The plants rated for Zone 3 and sometimes even those rated for Zone 4 may be grown in areas shown as Zone 2 but not all plants rated for Zone 2 can be grown reliably in all parts of Zone 2. Micro climates, not only in local areas but in different parts of your own property, play a major role in the survival factor of the plants you grow. Even the fact that a plant survives for several years is no guarantee that it is going to prove to be totally hardy because of variations in growing conditions over any particular season. That is part of the excitement and challenge of gardening however, and is a fact of horticultural life no matter what "zone" you are in.

The colour key is a little hard to read on the graphic so I have attempted to reproduce it here. The darker colour in each temperature range is the colder part and the lighter shade is the warmer area.


Zone 0a




Zone 5a

-29C to -23C (-20F to -10F)


Zone 0b


Zone 5b


Zone 1a

Below -45C (-50F)


Zone 6a

-23C to -18C (-10F to 0F)


Zone 1b


Zone 6b


Zone 2a

-45C to -39C (-50F to -40F)


Zone 7a

-18C to -12C (0F to 10F)


Zone 2b


Zone 7b


Zone 3a

-39C to -35C (-40F to -30F)


Zone 8a

-12C to -6C (10F to 20F)


Zone 3b


Zone 8b


Zone 4a

-35C to -29C (-30F to -20F)


Zone 9

-6C to -1C (20F to 30F)


Zone 4b





The information on this zone map was provided by Agriculture Canada. I clipped it from an old seed catalog several years ago but no longer remember which one. I scanned it with a greyscale handscanner and coloured it with a graphics program. I hope I haven't stepped on anyone's toes by doing this.

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