Northern Garden

Prairiegarden Chat

The first box, labelled "Nick Name" has the word "Guest" filled in. You can leave it like that or change it to a nickname of your choice. However, if the nickname you choose is already registered you will have to

(a) identify if it registered to you or
(b) choose another nickname.

Since this is a garden chat you may wish to use a unique garden-related term for a nickname - such as: clematis41 - or choose a nickname at a future time.

Now you are ready to enter the chat. Select the "Connect Now!" button. This will take you into the chat.

You will see a window that is divided into three sections. The large area will show what is being said. There will be a column on the side that shows the other people in the chat. A box across the bottom is where you type in your comments. After typing your message you must hit the "enter" key.


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