Photo Workshop
Lens Distortion Part Three


Tamron ef28-105@28 - 22k Tamron ef28-105@50 - 18k

Tamron EF28-105 @28
Pronounced barrel distortion

Tamron EF28-105 @50
Slight pincushion distortion

Tamron 28-ef28-105@105 - 22k Canon EF28-105@28 - 18k

Tamron EF28-105 @105
Moderate pincushion distortion

Canon EF28-105 @28
Pronounced barrel distortion

Canon EF28-105@60 - 23k Canon ef28-105@105 - 23k

Canon EF28-105 @60
Pincushion distortion

Canon EF28-105 @105
Pronounced pincushion distortion

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